I am missing something, now sure how to pass the Cookies if its expecting.

Getting error in login page. Below the session ids passed in cookie section


Normally you don't need to perform manual correlation of the cookies, HTTP Cookie Manager should take care of them automatically.

If it doesn't:

  • Try setting "Cookie Policy" to something less restrictive, i.e. netscape

    enter image description here

  • Add the next line to user.properties file:

  • If you need to store cookies as JMeter Variables add the next line to the user.properties file:


JMeter restart will be required to pick the property up. The above properties will "tell" JMeter to:

  1. Not to check cookies and accept anything
  2. Save cookies into JMeter Variables so you will be able to access them as:

    • ${COOKIE_mySessionId}
    • ${COOKIE_ZCC}

Check HTTP Cookie Manager Advanced Usage - A Guide for more Cookie Manager tips and tricks

However most probably your problem is not connected with cookies, looking into Padding is invalid and cannot be removed? most probably your Viewstate correlation doesn't work properly.


Somehow I fixed the error by putting the path correctly in Login page: login_frame_ajax.aspx

For now I am getting 302 response code. The yellow padding error is gone from page.

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