I have to find text on a page, which I did. Now I need to find the xpath of the <td> element containing that text so that I can use the <td> xpath to find other elements like the image button and the delete button.

Image Description: This image contains one <Td> in which there is one <a> tag which contains text, i.e. Automation Testing, so first I have to find the text and then find the xpath of the <td>. The <a> tag contains an id attribute but this id changes dynamically according to the user input so I cannot find <a> tag with id.


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    Have you tried using CroPath? Mark Smith.
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This is actually easier than it sounds.

First, unless you need to click the <a> link, you can retrieve the <td> element with the following:

IWebElement element = driver.FindElement(By.Xpath("//td[contains(., 'Automation Testing')]"));

Alternatively, if you need the <a> link, you can find the immediate parent (the <td> element with:

IWebElement element = linkElement.FindElement(By.Xpath("./.."));

From there the image buttons can be retrieved with linq-style queries (you will need to make sure you have using System.Linq; in your usings. element is the <td> element, which will make sure that your code doesn't retrieve anything outside your target table cell.

List<IWebElement> elements = element.FindElements(By.TagName("img"));

IWebElement addChild = elements.Where(el => el.GetAttribute("Title") == "Add Child");

and so on.


Please use the below code, hope it helps.

//to find the image with title = Add Child

IWebElement element = 

//to find the image button with title = Delete

IWebElement element = 

Try with absolute Xpath this is an example: /td[a[@href='url-a']]/following-sibling::td[1]/a/text()

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