I am looking for a way to test Informix 4GL screens, such as this one in blue from the left.

enter image description here

I have tested similar screens like this, in Mainframe systems using Jagacy Framework. The tests were positional, regarding the automation coding. There were no xpaths available, considering it is not a web test.

If anyone knows any framework or way to test it, I would really appreciate.

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This article mentions using HP UFT/QTP with the Terminal-Emulator add-in for testing informix 4GL specifically.

I'm not familiar with testing mainframe screens, but hopefully this will make some sense.

  • This link guided me to focus on UFT tool to proceed with those tests.But, even 'those' who tried to configure this add-in for terminal, did not succeed. Thanks anyway for your post, but I still did not find a final solution for this. I am still looking for. Also hear about AutoIT here progresstalk.com/threads/… , but the guy is giving up on using it as well cuz did not recognize the elements in screen. Aug 20, 2019 at 13:22

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