I am having an issue with an application, when am recording the flow in jmeter, username and password is coming in HTTP header manager in encoded format ("TWFuYWdlcjE6cGFzczEyMw=="), I tried to decrypt and parameterize the value by adding Authorization Manger which didn't resolve my issue.

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    this value is Base64 encoded, which is normally used in Basic authentication. If you use a Base64 decoder you can see the values you used. What is it you're actually trying to achieve with this? – foobar Aug 19 at 9:22

If you want to see username and password in plain text you can use __base64Decode() function available via Custom JMeter Functions bundle which can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager:

enter image description here

__base64Encode() function does the opposite thing:

enter image description here

Check out How to Use the Custom JMeter Functions Plugin for more information on the above and other custom JMeter functions.

So in order to parameterize the credentials you could:

  1. Add HTTP Header Manager and configure it to send Authorization header with the value of Basic ${__base64Encode(Manager1:pass123,)} where Manager1 and pass123 could be JMeter Variables
  2. Add HTTP Authorization Manager and provide base URL, and username and password in plain text - the Authorization Manager will automatically generate and add the proper Authorization Header to all HTTP Request samplers it its scope.

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