Does anybody have any experience and/or have any recommendations for automation tools for testing a suite of web applications that rely heavily on Firestore for data storage? We are currently working with Cypress.io which I really like separate from this issue, but it feels like we are constantly fighting against Cypress to make this work with all of its quirks.

So I am starting to keep my eyes open for tools I can whip up a POC to see if I can sway stakeholders to a different tool if it proves to be easier to set up and reliable for our needs.

Our tech stack:

Front End: React

Back End: Firestore (a little MongoDB)

Automated Testing: Currently Cypress.io, want to stick with JavaScript


You can dismiss most of the Cypress.io by using:

E2E tools would be necessary only as a build configuration checking process, in order to verify if URLs in production are correctly setup - with basically no focus on the functionality itself (since you have already check them with the steps above.

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