I tried to login on my mobile webbrowser. After passing my username as string, it clears automatically.

My code is


The script fails only with the mobile browser. The login is a light box pop up.

I also tried javascript executor and actions. Nothing worked.

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    Can you share some more details. Like the DOM, code you tried and error screenshots if any. – Sandeep Chandra Sekhar Sep 12 '19 at 8:35
  • loginId.click(); loginId.sendKeys(userName); – user41454 Sep 12 '19 at 8:40
  • Script fails only with the mobile browser.The login is a light box pop up. – user41454 Sep 12 '19 at 8:42
  • I tried javascript executor and actions.Nothing works...! – user41454 Sep 12 '19 at 8:43
  • Plz, add all required details in the question. – Nitin Rastogi Sep 12 '19 at 10:28

This happens because of your application behavior. You can try with below code:

Actions action =new Actions(driver);
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