How do I create a console app - a batch file which will hit my Automation testing application and runs selected test cases?

I have test cases with code coverage and it runs from Visual Studio. Now on top of it, I have to create a console app which will keep some time interval and hit my VS test case and execute it. Any links will be helpful.

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Sounds like you want to build your own CI/CD system. Although it can be done in a console app I would rather research a system build to schedule builds and testruns.

For the C# eco system have a look at Azure DevOps as a scheduler for building/testing your applications. Or other free tools: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/ci-cd-tools-comparison-jenkins-gitlab-ci-buildbot-drone-and-concourse


Try Windows Task Scheduler. I used to have a PowerShell script run tests at midnight, upload the results, and then email me if anything was off. As a long term solution I would use CI/CD, like Niels said.

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