I want to apply different SonarQube rules for production and test code.

For example: squid : S1192: "String literals should not be duplicated". It is quite reasonable in production but for test code is very annoying and can make it less readable.

I see how to deactive the rule but I can only disable it globally. At the same time I do not want to avoid analysing the whole test set.


You can do this in Administration -> Configuration -> Analysis Scope -> Restrict Scope of Coding Rules. You need to specify the code of the rule (without spaces) and a file path pattern to filter. If you use the maven standard **/src/main/** will work for you.

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For more information see the docs where it states that you can:

...exclude files/directories from Issues detection (specific rules or all of them) but analyze all other aspects" and gives details.


You can only suppress warnings at the project level, as you said, and at the file/method level. For file/method, it will depend on your language. In Java, you would add an annotation such as:


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