Details In my current one I have several points which I have to supervise from different planning points. This is also part 1 of a longer request which I have to split.

Initial situation:

In this project we use the Magento Cloud, with Salesforce as substructure, as well as WSO2 as middleware.

There are several stages that used it:

  • DEV = Developer Stage
  • ACC = Acceptance of test procedures
  • STG = Staging environment

Here we plan load and performance test procedures and weak points test procedures.

  • PROD = Performance Monitoring

We want to achieve high coverage especially in the area of load and performance testing.


How do we implement a load and performance test in Salesforce with a Bamboo Pipeline?


Within the ACC / STG environment we want to pass early load and performance tests. Possibly through SoapUI.

The monitoring should then take place in the PROD environment.

I know Jenkins, but I'm rather inexperienced with Bamboo. Even after an intensive search, I can only find sparse information.

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