I am having a JavaScript-based application to automate using Selenium WebDriver.

Can I automate a Javascript based application using Java with Selenium WebDriver OR do I have to use protractor (Javascript based testing tool)?

What are the main problems and challenges of using Java versus using a Javascript based test tool?

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WebDriver is a way to automate browsers, it doesnt really matter which language binding you use to implement WebDriver testcases, it is possible with all languages (e.g. C#, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, etc..). All web applications use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So it is all the same.

Protractor makes it easier to automate an application developed in Angular, not JavaScript per se.

I would write the WebDriver tests in a programming language nearby developers program, so that they can help building and also maintain the tests as they are adding features to the application. If you use a language they do not know they will probably never assist the automators.

  • JavaScript main issue is that its nature is asynchronous, which makes it a bit more complex in some situations.
  • Java's main issue is that it is Java ;-)

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