eg. I've received below response, so how to extract the value after akk in jmeter

eg : url":"https://gmail.com/user/v1/akk/48c68457-df8a-44e6-bca3-3874f87b3b35"


You should use Regular Expression Extractor

To extract UUID from your responce try this regexp:


You can test and learn regular expressions here and here

  • Have tried Regular Expression Extractor but not able to extract the particular value after akk/ – Akash Dec 10 '19 at 8:33
  • Your value looks like a UID, so you can use UID reg exp regextester.com/94410 – Vadim Yangunaev Dec 10 '19 at 9:08
  1. Add Regular Expression Extractor as a child of the request which returns above response
  2. Configure it as follows:

    • Name of created variable: anything meaningful, i.e. akk
    • Regular Expression: /akk/(.+?)"
    • Template: $1$

      enter image description here

  3. That should be it, now you should be able to access the extracted value as ${akk} where required

    enter image description here

    Regular expression explanation:

    • . - match any character
    • + - one or more times
    • ? - don't be greedy, i.e. stop when first match succeeds
    • ()- grouping

More information:


How about trying the Boundary Extractor?

Here, you'd set the left boundary as akk/ and the right boundary as "

That'd extract the content in between. I've used these before and they work quite nicely.

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