Sorry English is not my first language.

From what I read, defect severity is defined in 4 level in general.

  • Critical S1
  • Major S2
  • Low S3
  • Trivial S4

Allure reporter defines severity in 5 level.

  • Blocker
  • Critical
  • Normal
  • Minor
  • Trivial

Since I have no idea how to modify severity level in Allure reporter, I want to equalize these term to be used in Allure.

I'm thinking to make

  • Critical S1 = Allure Blocker
  • Major S2 = Allure Critical
  • Minor S3 = Allure Minor
  • Trivial S4 = Allure Trivial

But, this will leave "normal" column empty in bar chart. What even is "normal" severity in Allure?


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Honestly, I think it's much more important to see a definition of severity levels. From what I know, different systems and defect management tools define different levels - in terms of names or even in terms of how many they define. Therefore, knowing at least a one-sentence description of what they mean seems important to me.

For example, we use severity level "Medium", which means "Has the potential to affect progress." If you're able to find something like this, it may make much more sense. Otherwise, "normal" doesn't really say much.

  • Ok. So, it is subjective. Could you give me some examples of "medium" severity case?
    – Raizan
    Commented Dec 10, 2019 at 11:36
  • We use the level for problems that could affect progress of a user. but there's a workaround at the same time. However, be careful when adopting levels from other projects. And also read what @jonrsharpe posted in comments, it seems that "normal" is (also) used as a default level and/or fallback if a severity level is not set correctly.
    – pavelsaman
    Commented Dec 10, 2019 at 14:16

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