This is what I have in protractor.conf.js:

    let localNodeStorage = require('./helpers/localStorageNode');

    exports.config ={onPrepare: async () => {
      project: require('path').join(__dirname, './tsconfig.e2e.json')
    jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new SpecReporter({ spec: { displayStacktrace: true } }));

    await browser.driver.get('https://xpert-integration.gdp3000.com/gdpadminui/login');
    await browser.driver.findElement(by.css('#username')).sendKeys('user');
    await browser.driver.findElement(by.css('#password')).sendKeys('pass');
    await browser.driver.findElement(by.css('.btn-enter')).click();
    localNodeStorage.getValue("AuthenticationToken").then((token) => {
        let authToken= token;

Is there a way to access authToken in my login.ts class? And if so, how?

I tried params{} but it won't work If I just get token from localStorage in login.ts I get authToken undefined.

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Hi if your params variable is token , then in onprepare call it as

browser.token , instead of browser.parans.token

Another way is to declare a global variable in config file and use it .

In JavaScript it's straight forward as putting

global token , in the top of conf.js and using it as token anywhere else

You can also try out steps listed out in below stack overflow session:


It include approachs like using environment variable ,getting full processedconfig and getting the params property from it , to name a few.

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