I am using jmeter distributed environment and distributing load on multiple slave machine. I am running jmeter -g <csv file> -o <output folder> command to get html report from output csv file.

In report Time Vs Threads graph shows only one slave machines thread count instead of combined thread count on x axis.

e.g. if my slave 1 and slave 2 running 10 thread each but generated graph shows 10 number of active thread on X axis but it should be 20.

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As per current JMeter version 5.2.1:

In distributed mode, this graph shows a horizontal axis the number of threads for 1 server. It's a current limitation

enter image description here

You can use Response Times vs Threads plugin as the alternative solution, it can be installed as a part of KPI vs KPI Graphs bundle using JMeter Plugins Manager

enter image description here

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