Are there any other way to run test cases individually other than using --testcase flag ? also are there any to run 2 single test case from 2 different test suites?

For example:

Test Suite 1

  • Test Case A
  • Test Case B

Test Suite 2

  • Test Case C
  • Test Case D

and say i want to run only test case A and C (not B and/or D), are there any way for me to achieve this on Nightwatch ?

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  • Query-1: Using of tag is also a very useful practice while working with nightwatch. You can use @tags to run the testcases without using --testcase for example $nightwatch --tag <tagname>
  • Query-2: No, There is no standard way to run 2 single test case from 2 different test suites as this is not a standard practice. If you think that those cases are relative and should be run at single then you should place them in one file. Or you can create a calling index.js file in which you can call the test case as a function and pass browser as parameters to function (The test cases which you want to run). In that case you have to run index.js like $nightwatch index.js

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