I have two years experience in functional testing with a consultancy ( means done different projects with different clients) and I have a couple of certifications in scrum master practices and BA; However, I would need now to spend more time at home for personal reasons and I am looking either for a part-time position or work from home. I have contacted a couple of recruiters and they advised that it's quite hard to get a part-time position and I need to contact companies directly!

Is there anyone who has similar circumstances and found a solution because I really don't want to lose my career at this point?


There are platforms like uTest that offer remote testing services. A few years ago the first jobs are mainly bughunts in websites with different mobile devices. As you completed assignments more complex assignments are offered. It is not a contract job, but maybe you ask them what the prospects are.

Stack Overflow Jobs also shows 86 remote job offers: https://stackoverflow.com/jobs?q=qa&r=true

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