I am trying to run selenium tests with pytest-django for my django app. Pytest-django provides a fixture called live_server. I am supposed to get the URL with live_server.url.

Now when I try to visit live_server.url it opens a browser but then the browser shows that the site cannot be reached. This is the not-working code I am trying to run:

class TestAdmin():

    def setup(self):     
        global browser
        browser = webdriver.Remote(

    def test_user_can_visit_website_with_chrome(self, live_server, setup):
        """Website is reachable in Chrome browser.


        assert 'mywebsite' in browser.title

The following code works if I use djangos inbuilt test runner:

class AdminTest(BaseTestCase):

    def test_login(self)
        path = urlparse(self.selenium.current_url).path
        self.assertEqual('/admin/', path)

So with django's inbuilt live_server_url it visits my localhost without complaining. But I need this in pytest and I don't really want to mix both syntaxes.

Reading the documentation it only says:

live_server This fixture runs a live Django server in a background thread. The server’s URL can be retrieved using the live_server.url attribute or by requesting it’s string value: unicode(live_server). You can also directly concatenate a string to form a URL: live_server + '/foo.

As I understand this it should work with the code that I try. I don't really see what I am missing.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks very much in advance!

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