Why those? What is it that makes you recommend those books above others?


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Below mentioned these are the books name with authors for learning Software testing.


  • Foundation of Software Testing by Cem Kaner
  • Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook by Unmesh Gundecha
  • Software Testing by Ron Patton
  • Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn
  • A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps by Katrine Clokie
  • Bug Advocacy by Cem Kaner and Rebecca Fiedler
  • The Agile Samurai by Jonathan Rasmusson
  • Implementing Automated Software Testing: How to Save Time and Lower Costs While Raising Quality by Elfriede Dustin, Thom Garrett, Bernie Gauf
  • Lessons Learned in Software Testing by Cem Kaner
  • Experience of Test Automation by Dorothy Graham & Mark Fewster
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to Software Test Design by Lee Copeland
  • How to Break Software: A Practical Guide to Testing by James Whittaker

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