I'm testing on chatbots using jmeter. I need to pass dynamic session id for each request, please let me know the possibility.

Customized request body:

{ "botName": "***********", "sessionId": "*************", "conversationId": "*************", "messageId": "************", "cognitiveService": "luis", "channel": "**********", "message": "***********", "callbackUrl": "****************", "userId":"***************" }

Thanks in adv.


You can replace this line:

"sessionId": "*************",

with the reference to a JMeter Variable or Function so JMeter will substitute the placeholder in the runtime.

For example if you use the following construction assuming __UUID() function:

"sessionId": "${__UUID}",

JMeter will use a unique GUID structure for each virtual user/iteration.

More information: JMeter Parameterization - The Complete Guide

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