Our requirements are often not detailed enough (for Development or QA). We are starting a new requirement review process that we hope will help rectify this. As part of the new process, we would like to provide Business (and Development) a “checklist” of sorts. It could illustrate the types of things that should be included. A simplistic (and incomplete) example for dates

  • Valid date
  • Maxiumum
  • Minimum
  • Does it have to be after other field(s)
  • Does it have to be before other field(s)
  • Display format
  • Conditional display
  • Etc.

For each type of field, control, menu, etc. the list would likely vary.

I’d rather not re-invent the wheel. I’ve done some searches, but haven't found anything at this level.

So, my question is: Has anyone seen list(s) like this that we could utilize?

  • Please make the question more clear, Is the requirements for API , ui , ux? What you mean by date ? Is it Date picker ? In ui? – PDHide Mar 4 at 22:54
  • Any requirements - regardless of interface, platform, etc. "Date" was my attempt to provide a very simple, generic example of the types of things I would provide. – SueP Mar 5 at 12:23

You can get great guidance from


and the HTML5 attributes that have come into existance reflect the basic validations you'll be doing, e.g.

  • required: Specifies whether a form field needs to be filled in before the form can be submitted.
  • minlength and maxlength: Specifies the minimum and maximum length of textual data (strings)
  • min and max: Specifies the minimum and maximum values of numerical input types
  • type: Specifies whether the data needs to be a number, an email address, or some other specific preset type.
  • pattern: Specifies a regular expression that defines a pattern the entered data needs to follow.

More examples at https://www.the-art-of-web.com/html/html5-form-validation/ with examples of thing slike tel which are cool 'cos they make the mobile phone number display come up.

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