I want to add Jmeter tests as build steps in TeamCity CI Deployment server. If tests fail, build will not complete. Please advise in details.

I am currently using Jmeter for testing a Rest API running different scenarios/threads on an standalone machine. My intention is to put these tests in our existing CI/CD that has TeamCity. When we deploy a new release, jmeter tests will run as automation tests and if any test fails, then the build will roll back and generate failure reports


If you can add plugins to TeamCity you can consider using JMeter plugin for TeamCity, it will allow you to set up performance metrics calculation:

enter image description here

and view the performance statistics:

enter image description here

There is also possibility to Check reference values so you can conditionally mark build as passed or failed depending on SLAs or other criteria


If you cannot add plugins to TeamCity you can just use Taurus tool as a wrapper for JMeter test, it provides powerful Pass/Fail Criteria subsystem which returns non-zero exit status code in case if criteria are not met, if TeamCity receives non-zero status code it automatically marks the build as failed.

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