I have set up e2e tests for my React-native app with Appium. I'm able to launch them, but for every change I make I need to rebuild the app. Isn't it possible to run the tests on the application running with react-native start and thus not to have to rebuild the entire app for every change?

How react-native cli handle this? I mean there must be an apk somewhere, no?

If it's not possible, does it mean that there is no way to do e2e TDD with react-native?

  • Not a peep in three months? Did you find anything in that time? I just encountered this problem, and I need to change the driver from UIAutomator to YouI to run the rest of the tests, but if we could at least launch the app and keep it running, then run tests WITHOUT reloading the apk. – Hank Ratzesberger Jul 6 at 17:10

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