I have to finalize manual and automation scenarios and give it to the client at the start of the sprint. How to finalize manual and automation scenarios in this scenario?

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    Welcome. What do you mean how to finish it? Why not? What's holding you back from finishing it?
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    Mar 30 '20 at 13:20
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    Why vote to close after only 1 hour? Let's try to be a welcoming community and give the OP a chance to clarify before voting to close.
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  • Surely this encourages new people to raise questions in near future! And by the way...just downvoting without giving a reason is not polite. This guy is new - pavelsman did the rigth way, asked him a question and giving him a chance to modify/add his question.We should do the same. Mar 31 '20 at 17:28
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Note that a test is a performance, not an artifact. One does not "delivers a test".

I can interpret your question in two ways:

1 - An estimation problem: You feel you don't have the tools and skills to understand your scope and grasp an idea of the effort necessary to do a professional job, although probably you are capable of doing the work itself.

2 - A communication problem: You don't have the skill to communicate properly with some person that matters what the results of your investigations were (aka testing).

An answer to both problems will be: It depends on your context (which we can help if you give more details).

Generally speaking, for starters, I would suggest Bob Martin "Effective Estimation (or: How not to Lie)" talk (here is a nugget of this presentation) for the problem (1) and Michael Bolton's "Breaking the Test Case Addiction" 9-part blog post series, where he talks about the problem of considering tests/testing as artifact generation and alternative ways to understand and communicate your testing (as a performance).

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