I am new to Cypress and trying to find the best practices for where to store our tests. I see there seems to be plenty of resources for how to organize folders to setup fixtures, tests, plugins, etc. but I can't seem to find any recommendations if people actually store the tests with the front-end code that's being tested or in it's own separate repo?

Are there any advantages of one or the other when trying to setup CICD?


There are no best practices, only good practices in context. With the scripts configured correctly, nothing more than a make test is necessary.

E.g., If you have a Jenkins job to run your automated checks:

    curl -X POST http://jenkins_server.com:port/job/job-name/build

If you have to fetch code from other sources, you can run a git clone or a wget.

In the end, after the abstractions are in place, the details barely matter.

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