I am using Protractor for testing my web application. During the use of the app, I want to press a hard key on the device, like the home screen, then the app will be minimized and I will see the device's home screen. After that, I want to tap again on the app, and I want to see the screen I was before tapping on the home screen key.

  • By any chance, Protractor is able to simulate this action? If not, which tool do you recommend I can integrate with Protractor?
  • Do you think it is a good approach to automate just this touch scenario?

Protractor supports all webdriverjs keys


HOME is one of them , you can use these in protractor using hte "protractor" global function


and could be used with sendKeys


  • Hi @PDHide, I think I was not clear. What I want is not to press the Home key of the laptop for instance, but instead I want to press the home key, recent apps key or return key of the mobile device. – Ingridd Brito Apr 8 '20 at 14:56

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