I would like to test desktop application. So, I got winium as a best open source to test Desktop Application. When I gone through online tutorial but unable to find any reporter. Example - Allure Reports is used in Protractor to test Web Applications.

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Reporting tool depends on the artifacts of the unit testing framework (e.g. NUnit, JUnit, TestNG), not on the testing library used (Selenium, Winium or Protractor).

So you can use the same reporting tool for desktop application testing as for the web app.

It might be Allure, ReportPortal, ExtentReports or any other tool that you prefer.


Use protractor beautiful report if you are using jasmine 2.0:


npm install protractor-beautiful-reporter


framework: 'jasmine',
onPrepare: function(){
let HtmlReporter = require('protractor-beautiful-reporter');
             jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new HtmlReporter({
                baseDirectory: 'reports_new',
                screenshotsSubfolder: 'screenshotsOnFailure',
                takeScreenShotsOnlyForFailedSpecs: true,
                jsonsSubfolder: 'jsonFiles',
                excludeSkippedSpecs: true,
                preserveDirectory: false,
                showTotalDurationIn: "header",
                totalDurationFormat: "h:m:s",
                gatherBrowserLogs: true

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