I am using selenium with firefox. I am having trouble getting the http_only cookies retrieved from the code.


brings in regular cookies, but not httponly cookies. Is there a way to retrieve these cookies? Or is it really a deadend?


You can use the approach like this:

public void testHttpOnlyCookies() {
    Set<Cookie> cookies = driver.manage().getCookies();
    cookies.stream().filter(c -> c.isHttpOnly()).forEach(System.out::println);

in other words each cookie has a property that can be obtained using isHttpOnly() method. Using that one you can filter all cookies to either get httpOnly or not httpOnly.

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  • are you saying the manage.getCookies() gets everything? I didnt get everything in that call. all httponly cookies were missing in what was returned. – melchi Apr 21 at 14:24
  • Yest, it gets everything and when I prepared the example I used FireFox like you do. – Alexey R. Apr 21 at 14:26

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