We use centos 6, apache prefork, PHP 5, MySQL, and we have Wowza streaming engine on a different server. Nothing is on the cloud, we have on-premise servers.

We'd like to test a couple of things mainly:

1-Wether we can move from apache preform to npm or use Nginx instead, and we'd like to test Wowza.

We're using prefork because it gives a dedicated process per user, we're not sure how npm would handle long sessions of streaming per user and what happens if it goes wrong, we need to handle 20k users + background crons renewing user subscriptions and sending SMS and handling user uploads and whatnot.

I've written a load testing tool using locust, it tells me how many users apache can handle, it doesn't tell me how many concurrent users apache/MySQL can handle and it doesn't tell me what would happen to 15k users watching videos for hours and so on.

Wowza has its own load testing tool, but it's not accurate, Wowza can't handle more than 4gbps, that's around 5k concurrent users on the same instance, presumably because of JVM limitations, so the result you get by running the load balancer is never accurate and we don't have the bandwidth locally to get to 4gbps.

I need to know if using Azul JVM would make any difference, even if slightly but I can't test that in our local servers.

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