Below are the categories of exceptions that I can choose to break on in Visual Studio (2019). Where should I go to find the Selenium/WebDriver Exceptions? I want to tell VS to break on all OpenQA.Selenium Exceptions, even when those exceptions are caught. To do that, I need to select those exceptions on this list. But searching for OpenQA.Selenium (or "Selenium", or "Webdriver") in this list produces no hits. Do I need to do something in Visual Studio to import those exception definitions?

List of Exception Settings in Visual Studio.  Includes:  C++, Common Language Runtime, GPU Memory Access, Java, JavaScript, Managed Debugging Assistants, Node.js, Webkit JavaScript, Win32

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VS lists the exceptions from the CLR or the languages that are supported by IDE.

Selenium is a 3rd party library and therefore is not present there. In short - you can't manually add it to the IDE settings.

As a workaround - you can configure Just My Code feature, which will allow you to debug the non-user (Selenium) code, if you need to.

  • Gotcha. Many thanks for clarifying.
    – Ken
    May 3, 2020 at 20:58

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