I am executing the test plan using selenium/webdriver sampler in JMeter using concurrency Thread Group. I want the real pacing of test plan means First I want to set the ramp-up for supposing 10 users and after delayed 10 seconds, I want to ramp-down the users just for getting the graceful termination of the test plan. Can anyone help me to achieve this type of scenario using JMeter?

My test Plan looks like this:


Currently, the problem is it's only picked the webdriver sampler 1and executes for the 10 users and after that, the rest of the samplers isn't picked by the thread group and it has been showing the report of only webdriver sampler 1 for 10 users.

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I don't think you can easily and visually implement ramp-down using the Concurrency Thread Group, theoretically it's possible but it will require introducing Timers and it will require some extra work to come down with the appropriate sleep times distribution.

I would rather recommend considering switching to the Ultimate Thread Group instead where you either have Shutdown Time for a single schedule item or you can add multiple schedule items if your workload is more comples:

enter image description here

More information: How to Ramp Down in JMeter

  • Actually, I have used the selenium/webdriver samplers in my thread group. So, Is it okay to replace the thread group with ultimate thread group? I am asking this question because earlier I have tried it with the Ultimate Thread group also but it has taken the only first selenium/web driver sampler and discard the other ones. So can you please tell me why it takes the first sampler and discards the other ones?
    – Rajan
    Commented May 12, 2020 at 15:15

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