I am fairly new to Performance testing and need some help!!

I am writing scripts for an internal application that makes a ton of AJAX calls. I am unable to set up a proxy server to use the JMeter recording tool.

The only option was to use the .har files and convert them into .jmx files. I see there are a few sites which I can use to convert my file, but i need something in house or installed within our system to protect confidential data.

I am not able to find anything that is free and which i can download and install on my machine to do the conversion.

Any help is highly appreciated.

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Fiddler tool can do the trick for you, it can:

  1. Import .har file
  2. Configure Fiddler to use JMeter the proxy and point it to JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
  3. Now you can resend requests from Session List

Be aware that real browsers send AJAX requests in parallel, if you want to mimic this behaviour you will need to put the relevant HTTP Request samplers under the Parallel Controller

  • Thanks Dmitri. But we are not allowed to configure a proxy due to security reasons, so that will not work for me. The only thing i could use was convert the .HAR file to .JMX file, but i wanted to use a tool that I can install rather than use it for converting online, due to security reasons. I have been trying to add HTTP requests manually to simulate the calls made, and which seems to be working for now, except for a POST call that is erroring out. But it is tedious to create these HTTP requests, enter data in the header manager etc.
    – user44976
    Commented May 15, 2020 at 19:54

You can try: https://github.com/Seitenbau/har2JMeter

This is the solution I have found while searching for s similar issue.

Edit: Found updated repo which works: https://github.com/bedefaced/har2JMeter

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