<div data-component="tab" data-value="first_tab">

How can I get data-component="tab" and data-value="first_tab" together in cypress command? Like I want to access select box inside first_tab and I want to be more context specific and write a more readable code: What I have tried is below (which is syntactically wrong)?

cy.get('[data-component="tab" data-value="first_tab"] [data-component="select_box"]
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    Same way you'd combine any two CSS selectors to refer one one element, concatenate them: '[data-component="tab"][data-value="first_tab"]'.
    – jonrsharpe
    May 13, 2020 at 6:35

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in CSS, attributes for the same element should be provided without space so,

[data-component="tab" data-value="first_tab"] is incorrect

correct one is [data-component="tab"][data-value="first_tab"]

Now to find next element you can give space or > , space means any child and > means immediate child .

so the final locator is [data-component="tab"][data-value="first_tab"] [data-component="select_box"]

And the command looks like :

cy.get('[data-component="tab"][data-value="first_tab"] [data-component="select_box"]')

You can concatenate them as jonrsharpe said in the comment section:


if you then need to access another element inside this one, you can use .find() command:


then you can further chain some assertion:


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