I have a test plan in which i am using 5 Test Fragments given below and using a single Thread Group Test Fragment A Test Fragment B Test Fragment C Test Fragment D Test Fragment E

If i use 5 Module controllers i.e one for each test fragment , my test would run for all 5 test fragments. Is there any functionality which helps me to specify which Fragment i want to execute through command line. For eg: For Test 1 I want to execute only TF A & TF B and For Test 2 i need TF C, TF D & TF E. How can i achieve this through any controller in the script or commandline.


Most probably you're looking for the Weighted Switch Controller, put all your Module Controllers under it and you will be able to distribute the load by providing "weight" for the children by their name.

For example

  • if you don't want to execute specific module controller - set its weight to 0
  • if you want to execute only one controller - set its weight to 100 and others to 0
  • if you want to execute 2 controllers - set their weights to 50 or 100 and increase the number of threads/loops accordingly

You can parameterize the weights and the number of threads loops by:

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