Suppose If I perform save functionality in recording with one thread count(Blazmeter tool).Now run the same (which I recorded earlier) .jmx file in Jmter with 100 thread count. My question is whether all 100 data is saved in the Corresponding application database ? Kindly Guide me

  • With appropriate correlation, parameterization and scripting, yes. It will save 100 data points in the application's DB. Jun 7, 2020 at 19:18
  • one ID is getteing generated Dynamically when click "Add New" button but that dynamic values are not present in any of the request so i handle with Parameterization concepts still its not yet saved correctly bro.Could you please share your mail id bro Jun 9, 2020 at 8:00

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Remember one simple rule: each JMeter thread (virtual user) must represent a real user using the real browser with its own credentials, cookies, headers, etc.

Assuming you properly configure JMeter and use different credentials, handle dynamic request parameters, etc. - you should be able to replay your test with increased amount of threads (virtual users) and they will trigger saving the items to database (you can even check it using JDBC Request sampler)


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