I’m testing an intranet web app on IE11 and need to open about 8 browsers, each under a different login ID.

It’s hard to navigate through 6-8 separate IE windows so I was wondering if there’s an app that can contain all my different sessions via tabs that I can click on to select which session to focus on. If there’s a better solution for this, I’d be very happy to try it.

Thank you!

  • Could you elaborate a bit on why do you need 8 different users / sessions?
    – Prome
    Jun 17 '20 at 10:25

While performing testing in software testing solutions, there are methods to maintain the sessions on the browser. A feature of Internet Explorer 8 called 'Private Browsing mode' gives us a completely independent session with no shared cookies and manage multiple accounts. In order to enable it, simply press CTRL+SHIFT+P from IE browser in your computer.

While testing in Chrome browser in functional testing services, there is a plug-in named 'SessionBox' which could be added in order to manage sessions on the same browser.

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