In the provided test I need to read the data from the cell in Excel and it works.

I would also like to add the functionality to store the price of the product in another cell in the Excel.

I've split, that into 2 data providers ('readData' and 'writeData'), however I'm unable to add the second data provider to the test or I don't how to do that.

Could you please advise how to combine both of them in 1 test?


public class StandardProductPricingTest{

public void setUp() {

@Test(dataProviderClass = Utilities.class,dataProvider = "readData")
public void standardProductPricingTest(String product) throws InterruptedException, IOException {
    HomePageActions home = new HomePageActions();
    GalleryPageActions galleryPage = new GalleryPageActions();
    PDPageActions pdPage = new PDPageActions();

    String price = pdPage.readPrice();


public class Utilities extends Page {

@DataProvider(name = "readData")
public Object[] getData() {

    String data = excel.ReadCellData(1, 0);

    return new Object[] {data};

public Object[] writeData(String price){

    String sheetName = "standardproduct";
    String data = excel.getCellData(sheetName, 0, 2);

    int rowCount = excel.getRowCount(sheetName);
    System.out.println("total rows: " + rowCount);

    excel.setCellData(sheetName, "PDP Price", 2, price);

    return new Object[] {price};


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    A data provider is aimed at providing test data, only one can be set for each @Test. Why don't you add a call to this writeData function at the end of the test or on the teardown method? Jul 22, 2020 at 12:41

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Data Providers are use to pass the Test-Data into the @test .Please create a java member function to write the excel and call directly to your @test instead of using it in /as data provider

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