I am a tester and my company is using IBM cognos for creating dashbaords. These dashboards have many graphs and charts which can be customized by the user as per their need. Dashboards are built using Vertica database and for my manual testing, I am comparing the data displayed on the dashboard with Vertica database using SQL queries. I need to automate this testing process for which I tried to use selenium but I was facing issues with writing xpaths or CSS selectors for charts and graphs.

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    What risk are you testing for? It could be many things, e.g.: the data is correct/valid in the storage, the data is correctly retrieved, graphs are shown on the dashboard. These loosely correspond to different levels on which you should be testing - unit, peerhaps api, ui. for each of them you'd most likely use different tools, ui level in this case could be very well tested by humans since I find it difficult to use selenium for this particular case (testing graphs on a dashboard). – pavelsaman Aug 12 at 9:00
  • The main risk is that there should not be any discrepancy in data between database and cognos dashboard for all the charts, graphs or normal text boxes. I don't have any scope for api testing as of now but I believe that can be achieved using either postman or soap ui.For UI automation selenium is not a good fit in my case that why looking for an alternatives. – Hitesh Aug 12 at 13:18
  • And you mean this Cognos IBM dashboard? Are you a tester of this product? Or are you using it as a product you/your company bought? – pavelsaman Aug 12 at 13:52

Given that your main objective is to compare dashboard data and database data, API testing seems to be more appropriate (cost effective and efficient) methodology for automation testing. Consider using tools like Postman, or may be creating some internal API library/tool (if feasible). Maybe, at a later stage you may consider using selenium (but) only for the purpose of UI testing. That is only for validating whether graphs displayed are correct, hence creating more appropriate software testing solutions. The following link may be helpful,


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