I have a question how can I set up HTTP Request Sampler for HTTP PUT method in JMeter so it can read data from CSV file using CSV Data Set Config? In my scenario I'm using **Concurrency Thread Group** with the following parameters: * **Target Concurrency**: 50 * RampUp **Time** (**secs**): 10 * RampUp Steps **count**: 5 * Hold Target..(**secs**): 10

This is my CSV Data Set Config setup: enter image description here

(Java) Types of Variable Names are: bookId:Long, title:String, price:double, amount:int, authors: Set , categories: Set , isDeleted:boolean

This is my HTTP Request Sampler setup:enter image description here

...and this is content of my bookCollection10Items.csv file where quoted values are Strings, and the ones in angle brackets [] are arrays of values (as I'm updating Book that has Many-To-Many relationship with Categories/Authors):

1,"Harry Potter and Magic Stone",39.99,2500,[4],7,11,false
2,"Murder on the Orient Express",[19.98,500500],1,9,false
3,"The Murder of Roger Ackroyd",19.99,1500,1,[7,9],false
4,"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets",24.99,0,4,[7,9],true
5,"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban",17.99,1200,4,7,false
6,"The Da Vinci Code",29.99,700,8,10,false
11,"War and Peace",31.99,300,5,8,false
14,"The Trial",27.99,450,6,9,false

What I want to achieve is that each Thread(i.e. User) to select one item from "bookCollection10Items.csv" file in a round-robin fashion and update it for a given bookId using "All Threads" as Sharing Mode option.
Any advice/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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JMeter's built-in CSV Data Set Config is reading lines from the CSV file sequentially so each user will get the next line on each iteration.

If you need to read a random line (however I don't think it's a good idea as I believe tests need to be repeatable) you will need to go for some plugins like:

  1. Random CSV Data Set Config
  2. or HTTP Simple Table Server

Both can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager


I've managed to find a solution with my problem -> I made a mistake by:

1) Creating CSV file in gEdit (Linuxs' equivalent of Windows Notepad) instead of using LibreOffice Calc where work is done in cells. Therefore this way (both in gEdit and LibreOffice Calc):

3,"The Murder of Roger Ackroyd",19.99,1500,1,[7,9],false

...is a no-no.

2) Removing angle brackets [] from listing so arrays would NOT contain arrays. E.g. When angle brackets are present I get this:

   // some other fields
   "authors" : [[7,9]]

3) Had to properly format numbers with decimals to contain dot, NOT comma (locale issues). E.g. Proper format is 19.99, wrong format 19,99

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