Currently, as continuous-integration / deployment environment, we use a Mac-Mini connected to our Gitlab “on premise” that build, execute unit / UI tests and deploy our iOS applications to firebase, TestFlight or AppStore.

Works well for all of our apps but we want to improve a little bit because now became too tedious to mantains (configuring a new runner for each project, manage permissions, certificates, process and so on...) and is a little bit slow (more projects, less parallelisation, reduced disk space, etc...).

Someone of you knows or use a web service that permits to read the sourcecode behind a private Gitlab (on premise) and is able to build (installing also Pods, Carthage, etc..) and deploy Xcode applications (firebase/TestFlight/etc) in a simplified way?

Note that must be able to read code on Gitlab on-premise. This is our big limitation today.

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