I have Robot Framework and the RIDE IDE installed. I have tried the Selenium library with RIDE, and works for testing web interfaces. I now want to test Windows Applications.

Is it possible to test Windows Applications with Appium and RIDE? By writing Robot Framework keywords? Is this library: https://github.com/serhatbolsu/robotframework-appiumlibrary capable of doing that?

I also have WinAppDriver installed. Essentially, I want to mimic this sample test of the Windows Calculator: https://github.com/microsoft/WinAppDriver/tree/master/Samples/C%23/CalculatorTest with Robot Framework and Appium.

There are plenty of examples of tests for mobile applications with Appium, but none for Windows apps that have proven useful so far.

  • Appium is aimed at mobile applications. Why not to use the WinAppDriver library itself? It's clear it fits your needs. – João Farias Sep 14 at 6:58
  • Yes, well, I have tried it by itself with C# code, but the aim is to have non-programmers understand the test cases. So, the simple keywords syntax that Robot Framework offers would be useful in that regard. – Al2110 Sep 14 at 7:03

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