I have Robot Framework and the RIDE IDE installed. I have tried the Selenium library with RIDE, and works for testing web interfaces. I now want to test Windows Applications.

Is it possible to test Windows Applications with Appium and RIDE? By writing Robot Framework keywords? Is this library capable of doing that?

I also have WinAppDriver installed. Essentially, I want to mimic this sample test of the Windows Calculator with Robot Framework and Appium.

There are plenty of examples of tests for mobile applications with Appium, but none for Windows apps that have proven useful so far.

  • Appium is aimed at mobile applications. Why not to use the WinAppDriver library itself? It's clear it fits your needs. Sep 14, 2020 at 6:58
  • Yes, well, I have tried it by itself with C# code, but the aim is to have non-programmers understand the test cases. So, the simple keywords syntax that Robot Framework offers would be useful in that regard.
    – Al2110
    Sep 14, 2020 at 7:03

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The DesktopLibrary portion of Robotframework-Zoomba extends AppiumLibrary to support windows applications better. There is a calculator example using Appium or running on WinAppDriver itself.

Some examples of the features can be found here and the keyword docs here.

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