I have below requests in Jmeter, For the Search ID in Action I am verifying the assertion text. I want to implement that when I do not find assertion text, Jmeter script will not perform the next request instead it should go to Vuser_End i.e. Logout request. I need Logout action to be performed mandatory after assertion fail for a particular request but not interested to run all the requests after assertion failed. Could you please suggest me with some examples?

Vuser_Init(Once Only Controller) --HomePage --Login

Action(Loop Controller) --Search the ID --Create the ID. -- Etc.

Vuser_End(Once Only Controller) --Logout

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Put your conditional logic (i.e. "Create the ID" and so on) under the If Controller and use ${JMeterThread.last_sample_ok} pre-defined variable as the condition:

enter image description here

Given the above configuration Create the ID request will be executed only if "Search ID" sampler is successful. If you need to set custom pass/fail criteria for the "Search ID" sampler - go for Response Assertion

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