I was testing service with JMeter. I need to write the phone number into a CSV file and the phone number is a variable as you can see in the Debug Sampler. I was using Flexible File Writer for writing the file. Here is the documentation of Flexible File Writer in the last section they described how to use a variable but I'm not getting it. Any example would be great help!

enter image description here

Here is my Flexible File Writer config

enter image description here

  1. Add the next line to user.properties file:

  2. Restart JMeter to pick up the change

  3. Instead of ${phone} in the Flexible File Writer use variable#0

  4. If you need to write more than one variable:


    and then in the Flexible File Writer:

    • variable#0 - instead of ${phone}
    • variable#1 - instead of ${device_id}

More information:

  • still not getting ``` # Sample user.properties file sample_variables=phone,verify_token ``` Restarted several times. variable#0,variable#1\n Oct 13 '20 at 16:48

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