I'm looking to do fuzz testing with my inputs. The entire stack I'm testing is impliment in c# so I'm really not worried about memory management type errors, I just want to find scenarios where we might not be validating the input in a way we should, or bad input causes issues later on down the line in the application flow when a given value is referenced later.

As such I want to do something like

var Fuzzer = CreateNewFuzzer(SomeSetOfArgsThatDeterminesFuzzersOutputParameters)

foreach (var fuzzyValue in Fuzzer.GenerateValidFuzzyValues(100)) {
   /*Do my test*/

Foreach (var fuzzyValue in Fuzzer.GenerateInvalidFuzzyValues(100)) {
   /*Do my test, asserting that the application flow should fail*/

I'm not married to this syntax, but it's kind of the general flow I'm looking for. Does anything like this exist?

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