I need to do load testing of my mobile application. I am using android mobile. while i am trying to record the script using Jmeter nothing is getting recorded. I had followed this process to record: I had installed the rootCA certificate on my mobile I had given proxy same as in the jmeter and ip address with respect to my system ip My mobile and laptop are under same wifi network

Although I am unable to record when I checked in log viewer "Ensure browser is set to accept the jmeter proxy cert: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown" this is the error message I got. And in mobile I am getting "session expired ! try again" message ... I even modified the source code.

Plz help me guys

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What operating system does your "mobile" run?

  • If you have another mobile operating system - refer to its documentation.
  • I had tried by making source code changes but still facing the same issue...
    – Hari priya
    Commented Nov 23, 2020 at 15:59

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