We are looking for a test management tool that can easily be integrated with JIRA(Cloud), Confluence(Cloud).

Automation test scripts will be written using IntelliJ IDE and use below technologies Java Junit / TestNG Jenkins / Bamboo Ant / Maven Selenium, Cucumber

Can someone advise on the best tool that can be used considering above as Test management tool and Test script creation (manual and automation).

Test Rail, Zephyr, Xray, Spira test or anything that would best fit our requirement. The cheapest and the best tool would be desirable.

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    What is the problem you are trying to solve? "Test Managment" can be a thousand different things, as "Integrate with Jira" is; therefore, not a precise problem definitions. – João Farias Nov 21 at 20:13
  • You can have cheap... or you can have the best. You are unlikely to get both! And note, Open Source does not necessarily mean "free". See profile for disclaimer! – Andrew 5 hours ago