I have a system connected with LAN cable. Now I want to record the test of a Mobile Application (Android and iOS), and then see the performance of the app using JMeter.

I tried with connecting the device via USB to the system, changed the WiFi Proxy to Manual, added the system's IP Address and Started recording the Test. But nothing was showing in the tool. I am doubting about the Proxy settings itself, as the device is not connected with the same Internet as the system, so changing the Proxy of another WiFi won't help.

So, now what are the steps to do it?

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  1. The most straightforward option is installing your application into Android Emulator or iOS Simulator, this way the "virtual" handheld device will be using your machine's Internet connection and you will be able to capture the traffic with JMeter

  2. You can go for so called "reverse USB tethering", refer the following guides:

  3. If your application backend is publicly available the fastest and the easiest way would be using a 3rd-party recording solution like BlazeMeter Proxy Recorder

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