How do you track trends in the industry? Do you use any tooling for this?

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    I think this question will not be accepted well here, since it could fall into opinion-based category. However, you can still improve it at least a bit by writing what you do to find out trends in SW testing industry etc. Many opinion-based questions have survived on this site, perhaps you'll be lucky :) – pavelsaman Jan 4 at 10:24
  • Have you looked at Practitest survey results? qablog.practitest.com/state-of-testing – Lee Jensen Jan 4 at 16:20

I don't use any tooling for this, just a combination of the following:

  • reading testing materials (blogs, books, ...)
  • reading job ads for testing positions
  • participating in testing communities (locally in my country, here)
  • following some other testers on LinkedIn and reading what they share about testing
  • reading (and learning) about what devs, devops, ... people use, because that affects (if not now, then in the future) my job as well

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