Jmeter Scripts are taking Double the Time when 2 CSV configs are introduced. Can anyone provide solution for same?

  • Take a screenshot of the threadgroup and provide more information – BzH Feb 17 at 22:38

it's not possible to "provide solution for same" without seeing:

  1. Initial test plan
  2. Test plan after adding CSV Data Set Config(s)
  3. Results file from both executions
  4. Just in case jmeter.log file

Per se CSV Data Set Config won't generate extra requests unless you have a While Controller configured to loop until there are entries in the CSV file.

Also be aware that you can limit JMeter test duration using 2 approaches:

  1. "Specify thread lifetime" input at Thread Group level:

    enter image description here

  2. Use Runtime Controller which controls for how long are its children allowed to run

    enter image description here

In both aforementioned cases the test won't last longer than 5 minutes

  • Thanks for the response. The issue is when there was one csv config the whole suite for the scripts took 1 hour and when 2 configs were introduced it took 2 hours to run. We have ensure that there is no sleep time introduced. – Vedika Patil Jan 19 at 5:29

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