Anyone please help me to solve this, i using the latest Sikuli. I have read the documentation but yet I still stuck with this.

I want to automate this screen (Oracle Form), I capture the image but just fill the first image of address information : enter image description here

My IDE is Intellij , the using Java and here is my code to get and input the property image (Candidate.java):

gen_obj.objType(sikuli_properties.getProperty("oracleform.textfield.password"), passwordCandidate);

Here is my GenObj class and type function :

 public void objType(String value) throws Throwable {
        screen = new Screen();
        URL resourceFolderURL = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("Sikuli_Images");
        basePath = resourceFolderURL.toURI().getPath() + "/";


Please kindly to help and perhaps I can fill each address field.

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