I'm trying to profile a command line C# application (VS 2019) on a remote server with no VS installed. I'm following the procedure here.

The application depends upon a couple internal libraries that are present as dlls with corresponding pdbs. When I complete the profiling session I see details from the application's project but no details from the internal libraries it uses.

I'm sure I'm missing some command line flags to trigger profiling of these libs, but a coupld days of googling haven't yielded much useful documentation for this task (or vsdiagnostics in general, really).

If the app's named foo.exe and depends upon bar.dll, I'm starting it with .\foo.exe and in the same directory is bar.dll and bar.pdb. If anyone had some insight into getting profiling deata from bar.dll it'd be greatly appreciated and apparently add to future googling efforts for others ...

If I was to guess on where to start, it seems like the start command's /package switch might inform vsdiagnostics about what specifically I'm interested in. ?

  • I'm not sure if this is the right community for this question. Have you asked on the DevOps stake exchange site since DevOps does more performance testing? – Lee Jensen Jan 28 at 22:23

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